Any successful bid comes down to collaboration and communication between all the stakeholders. We understand this and have placed it at the core of all our processes. It is a methodology that works and delivers the best possible bid, that in turn, can win for your school.

It all starts with understanding your vision and requirement gathering. From there we will discuss and agree a fundraising strategy that matches your ambitions to the available grants and funds, as well as proposing the most cost-effective way we can support you.

For example we can work on one bid, set a target and continue writing different applications until we hit the funds needed or second a member of staff to work alongside your team for a fixed period.

After agreeing the strategy we will begin the write/review process working as closely with you and your leadership team as you want, writing and submitting the highest quality funding applications possible.

Once submitted and we are aware of the outcome we will review and evaluate all our successes and failures to ensure we continue to learn and win. Maximising your return on investment is essential to us.